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Redone to look a little more sleek. I probably should've done a better job with the roses though ^^; I'm also not very good at drawing wolf/dog-like creatures :iconotlplz:

Sisiri シシリ

Sisiri is a creature of the otherworld, monsters born from the thoughts, emotions, and desires of humans that reside in the otherworld (space), unable to be seen by normal eyes. These creatures feed on humans and lack any sense of moral or emotions. They can kill without remorse for their actions.
Sisiri was born from a young man who was viewed as being the most popular in his society. Great looks, charms, and excelling at everything to near perfection. Complete with an aristocrat-personality and dress code, he was popular around everyone. Everyone desired to be just like him. They wanted his life. But unknown to them, he was forced to act this way in order to live up to his family's expectations. Or else. Everything he did wasn’t what he wanted; it only created a false persona, an image molded for the public eyes.
He once tried to push aside the fake persona for a chance to be himself and be loved that way. Unfortunately, he was rejected by someone he loved just for that. The despair of being unable to be himself and live up to other's expectations created the otherworld creature, Sisiri, the man's "monster".
The young man's despair is reflected in Sisiri; he feels the constant need to be aggressive and bitter towards everyone and anyone he comes across. When alone, he's a timid little animal and a coward (he even has his tail between his legs when feeling insecure). But of course, this is never seen in public eyes.
Sisiri tends to be alone most of the time, the reason being that he absolutely hates crowds. Due to the compelling need to live up to others expectations of him, he is unable to think of what to do exactly and ends up panicking and stressing out. The end result is usually him vomiting venom harshly.
Despite his hatred towards everyone, Sisiri truthfully desires to be around people and be loved. Until he drops the other persona, he probably won't ever be happy, a fact he knows all too well.
Sisiri's ability is poisoning others. He is a naturally poisonous creature and as such, he can infect others with his own deadly toxins. His bites (or if bitten) and his neck piece are used to infect prey. Most of his bites induce somewhat fatal but curable poisons, but getting directly stabbed by the neck piece’s thorns injects the most deadly toxins. They can be cured though, some naturally and some with an antidote. Naturally, he is immune to poison since he is poisonous himself. Due to being an incubus-like creature, he also has the ability to deteriorate one’s health if he bites them and holds on for a long time. He doesn’t regain any energy or health from it, he just makes them rot alive. If removed, then the person will experience a temporary 'poisoning' state.
Contrary to popular belief, Sisiri isn't a soul type otherworld creature. He is actually an incubi type (due to his nature).

Sisiri's true form is that of a wolf/incubi-like beast wearing a broken mask on his face. Standing at a whopping 7 feet tall, blood-shot eyes, a disfigured heart protruding from his open chest and a dismembered cry that echoes, Sisiri's true self is truly a monster to behold. This true form is only provoked by merely making him have a mental breakdown. Unable to handle a crowd or a person's reason of his actions, he can crack pretty easily.

Sisiri is © ~Fulishagirl
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January 4, 2013
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